Janica Moilanen

Janica Moilanen

Janica Moilanen
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Ellori McPherson - Concentration

Ellori McPherson Concentration - Advanced Placement Art- contour and background.

Sarah Gonzales

Portraits by Canadian based artist Sarah Go.

Shabby Chic teacups set collection

Kitchen: such a beautiful china display!

just married <3

just married <3

tree of life art print (the tree rings are composed of hundreds of animals!)

A unique tree of life design by Gary, Aaron & Khairul from Degree in the shape of a tree trunk; a closer look shows that each "ring" is composed of different animals.

Paris, France

Hotel De Ville, Paris, France oh how I would love to visit!

Oh, to have a Bohemian Style Resturant that serves holistic food. I would throw in splashes of red here and there.

wooden box shelves, up cycle, green lights, wood table, red chairs. Interior vitamins by House Doctor

interior. living room. furniture.

Great wood floor, The wood box as side table gives the room a little industrial touch. The idea to use empty frames looks good and modern in there.(Mix Wood In Living Room)

How about this: only half a chalk board wall(the menu being up high, so all customers can see it), having a long bar down the majority of the shop's length, a couple feet or so away from the wall, giving the servers enough space to serve the guests, and so the guests sitting at the bar don't have to crane their necks.

The little green tea shop: Extra seating under window the idea of using small bright/cool/patterned cushions on barstools to brighten up/add interest to bar space in a cafe like this

I'd like to hang a chalkboard in my kitchen, so I knew what was for dinner, depending on whose night it is to cook :o

i think it would be adorable to do something like this in a kitchen. have a chalkboard wall for kids, notes, to-do lists etc. add some cute lights and make a focal wall. probably on the side of the kitchen