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the diagram shows different types of doors and windows with their corresponding frames, which are labeled in
Salton DiPol Closed Version | closed, dipol, disub, doityourself, linkwitz, ripol, salton, subwoofer
different types of doors and windows with the names in each window, including closed or closed
ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEM: Subwoofer, Construction, Cabinets, Electronic X-OVER LUXKIT 2003 Amplifiers, Units.
an old wooden cabinet with various items in it and instructions on how to use the machine
ONKYO Scepter3001の仕様 オンキヨー/オンキョー
the speakers are all made out of plexed wood
Back Loaded Horn Speakers
a white computer case sitting on top of a tiled floor
Back Loaded Horn Design