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a pair of purple shoes sitting on top of a bed
A lot of work in these ballet toe shoes
a poster with an image of a woman's legs in ballet shoes and the caption that reads frappe what dancers think
a green background with the words one more time is always a lie
dance quotes on Tumblr
So true!!! My kids know this for sure. There is never just, "one more time"
a group of young people dancing in a dance class with the words dance teachers be like 5 - 6 - 8 boom, boom, boom, ka - ka - ka - boom, kick, hit,
How often when you're teaching do you hear yourself making odd sounds instead of using counts or lyrics?
a woman in a ballerina dress and high heeled shoes with her legs crossed
♥ love this
dancing is healthy, dancing is my life, I may not be dancing right now but I will always be a dancer. I love to dance, but thats an understatment. Dance will always have my heart.
a woman is sitting on the floor with her shoes in front of her face and head
a woman in a white dress is dancing
Photo by Nikolay Krusser
a pink and gold tutu dress sitting on top of a mannequin
two pairs of ballet shoes are sitting on a lace covered bed sheet with ruffles
Classical | Romantic | Fantasy Photography at: #ballet #slippers
a black and white photo of a ballerina doing a handstand with her legs stretched out
two pairs of pink ballet shoes sitting on top of a pile of ribbon and ribbons
Ballet shoes
a pair of red high heeled shoes on display
Toe-shoes ... passion. ブティック・ウインドーから。
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a woman's shoe with a bow on it
It's Shoe Time: See the Best Pairs From the Fall '13 Runways
It's Shoe Time: See the Best Pairs From the Fall '13 Runways : Clover Canyon Fall 2013
a woman in a white dress is walking down the road with her hand on her hip
Oh ick, no! This is a disaster. The dresses on this page are beautiful, but what possessed them to go with this? The world will never know.