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Christian Dior Miss Blooming Bouquet Eau de Toilette Spray This perfume is absolutely beautiful one of my favourites

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Princess by Vera Wang ✖️Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Si By Giorgio Armani Perfume

Armani "Si" is my favourite perfum, "Si" is the second perfum after "Magnetism" of Escada. If you like to try the equivalent of this amazing fragrance for so much less money!

Valentina Eau de Parfum by Valentino. 2.7oz Eau De Parfum Spray $73.25 at beautyanhomedecor.org $59.75 off retail!

Valentino 'Valentina' Eau de Parfume - have it!

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♡♡♡ i absolutely love this, one of my three favorite perfumes - Prada candy florale ♡♡♡

Daisy Kiss Collection

Marc Jacobs Daisy Kiss Collection ~ New Fragrances ~ Fragrantica

♡Breakfast at Chloe's♡

I’ve been a fragrance fiend ever since I can remember—although makeup and skincare and hair products come and go, I hold on to more fragrances than anything else. I have about 18 signature scents and

Loving the summer smell of Peach #valentines #parfum #spring

My new everyday scent: Hilfiger Peach Blossom has hints of Mimosa & Coconut.

Summer fragrance - Adalmina's Secret

how to organise current everyday scents

♡Breakfast at Chloe's♡

Jo Malone luxuries and fresh flowers.