Jan-Mikael Åkerblom

Jan-Mikael Åkerblom

My youtube channel :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWnGtMD-NInGj6qzTU3lE2g
Jan-Mikael Åkerblom
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My own natural body transformation /muscle transformation from skinny to muscular with before & after pics and videos. It has taken 4 years of hard work and .

Make sure to watch it! ;D

This week it's time for singles with in the program) of my max on the squat, bench and deadlift. I was also pumping some arms with Chris, who has.

It's getting really cold as winter has arrived. I'm talking about my plans for this year and finishing the video up with a nice workout edit.

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Leonardo came to Gammelboda Gains gym and testing his maxes on the squat and bench as w.

Watches, Videos, Wrist Watches, Tag Watches, Clocks

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Just finished another Sheiko cycle, which is leaving me 4 days without training until next cycle starts.

The last few days before we have our own little powerlifting meet. I go through my thoughts and goals before maxing and seeing the results of my second cycle.

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I had my family and friends come over to celebrate my birthday. In the gym I decided to bump up my bench training max, because it's feeling too easy - GAINS!

Check out my new vid!

Week 2 of Sheiko includes some heavy squatting at of your max. I'm running the Sheiko Intermediate Large Load Program at the moment I mad.

Training outside in the nice weather & heavy rack pulls

The heaviest rack pulls in my life so far. I'm currently running Sheiko Intermediate Large Load Program which has me do block pulls, but I do it .