Janne Torikka

Janne Torikka

Janne Torikka
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Feet Reference by Kibbitzer.deviantart.com #drawing #painting #feet

justdippinsaucethings: “ kibbi: “ Hands/Feet References by *Kibbitzer I hope this will help you! (more stuff here) ” I NEEDED THIS ”

female body shapes part 2 by ~Rofelrolf on deviantART

sorry about the bad quality but my scaner isn´t as good as he should be^^ part 3 will be about body drawing in motion. like fighting or something. female body shapes part 2

Anime/Cartoon eyes (+tutorials?) by =SpadeTheNightmaren on deviantART

Different Eye Shapes & Looks Reference Sheet. This sheet features a very interesting style of drawing, almost a manga style of artwork for these eyes, but they are interesting to try and draw.