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The article is about cosmetic to enhance natural beauty especially, black eye makeup for women. Black eye make-up is no doubt in everlasting fashion.


There are many ways to bring the rainbow in your everyday living, except you see it on the sky. Below I have for you some brilliant ideas how to catch the rainbow and live with it every day.

lana del rey blue hair

For some reason, Lana Del Rey and her sultry songs drive some people nuts.

lana del rey

Lana del ray is a young singer,inspiring teenagers with her songs and style.Somethimes i like her looks.Hope her style is not only a result of image-makers hard working and lana has her individuality.

lady gaga

Zedd On Coachella Lady Gaga And Why He Loves Queen - The Grammy-winning DJ tells TIME about his biggest musical influences, his upcoming album and musicians he hopes to collaborate with on future projects