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Jari Kahrama

Helsinki, Finland
Jari Kahrama
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How to Use the Split Toning Tool in Lightroom

If you are new to Lightroom, you might be wondering what some of the panels really do. Megan Curren of Megan Curren Photography is with us today to teach us how to use the Split Toning tool on our portrait photos. How to Use Lightroom’s Split Toning.

How to Sharpen Photos using Adobe Lightroom

We all want tack-sharp images. Our cameras & lenses can only do so much for us, and once a photograph is out of the camera, the process of sharpening has really just begun. And because I use Lightroom for nearly every single photograph I process, .

How to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop

Matching Skin Tones in Photoshop - Warning: the image used is slightly nsfw but the tutorial is very informative.

Stadi Suokista kuvattuna.

Stadi Suokista kuvattuna.

Photo Editing in Lightroom 101 - a free series of tutorials covering Lightroom's Library and Develop modules

I chose this tutorial/guide because it has a lot of information on it. I feel like it will be helpful if I get stuck later when trying to work on a project.

Lightroom workflow suggestion     1. Camera Calibration (raw images only)     2. Crop     3. Reduce Noise     4. White Balance     5. Exposure and other Basic sliders     6. Tone Curve     7. HSL     8. Local Area Adjustments     9. Effects (Vignette)    10. Sharpen

Lightroom workflow suggestion Camera Calibration (raw images only) Crop Reduce Noise White Balance Exposure and other Basic sliders Tone Curve HSL Local Area Adjustments Effects (Vignette) Sharpen