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Esculturas com sucata de Ban Hun Lek

Seen here looking suspiciously like he has a spider for a penis, this is the giant Incredible Hulk sculpture that Thailand scrap metal artist BanHunLek created. You know, scrap metal is great because it's.

Comic book styled jeans

Cosplayer extraordinaire Kirameku is in the midst of a Borderlands cosplay for the ages, based on her jeans at least.It's hard to bring that unique . View "Cosplayer's Borderlands Jeans Are Cel-Shaded Perfection" and more funny posts on Dorkly

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"beautiful off-road ride" - might be a custom Volvo “Sugga” - The weighing Volvo had been made for the Swedish army, functioning as a radio wagon. Exactly 724 were produced between Based upon the Volvo it was driven by a six cylinder litre engine.