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Finland personal space looks just about perfect for me. Personal space ( Norway, Italy, France, Finland ) by Hansafan

Suomen kieli on rikas kieli. Finska språket är ett rikt språk.

I don't know how accurate the cultural translation is, but to avoid all the conjugations, simple is good. And every Finn I met was pretty conservative with words.

You know you're Finnish when 80C (180F) in sauna is chilly,  but 20C (70F) outside is freaking hot.

You know you're Finnish when in sauna is chilly, but outside is freaking hot. Yeah yestarday was like and i vent outside (yeah i really steped out of the house) it was so hot

In Finland we have black Friday...

In Finland we have black Friday. but we also have black Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday AND black Sunday. Now YOU can turn green out of envy!

Finnish is crazy VAIKEA. (=hard). Suomi on erittäin vaikea.

Finnish lesson this is true, "kuusi palaa"" can mean all of those things ?

Oisko teillä hetki aikaa keskustella ilmastonlämpenemisestä?

May 2017 in Finland: "Please, would you have time to discuss climate warming?