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Bed in the trees

Vertical bed Poesy bed Faux-cardboard Duvet Cover Zip bed Magnetic Floating Bed Hanging Bed Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh Hammock Bed Coffin Couch Tree bed Wood bed And…a fantastic bed of nails.

colors of the 70's

I enjoy color palettes (I guess these are warm earth tones?), but I also like hot pinks and brighter colors. I'm not super into or early color palettes. I have a pink bathroom. I am not afraid of color.

Archive - Creative Criminals

Pepsi once did a funny Halloween ad. In the picture, a Pepsi can dresses up as a Coke can to scare people. The headline was, “We wish you a scary Halloween!” That’s not a bad idea, but Coke got the last word. In a classic.

* The Stingray tree tent

The Tentsile Stingray is a 3 person tree tent (portable treehouse to some) that offers users a uniquely communal and comfortable outdoor experience.

The Wanderers

The Wanderers