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The Forging of the Sampo. Painting by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, depicting a scene from Kalevala, a Finnish epic poem. Smith Ilmarinen is forging the magical mill called Sampo, a centerpiece in many of Kalevala's stories. Scandinavian Paintings, Scandinavian Art, Helene Schjerfbeck, Asgard, Romanticism, Gods And Goddesses, Blacksmithing, Art Reproductions, Folklore

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Sammon taonta / The forging of Sampo-Akseli Gallen-Kallela. Sampo is forged by ilmarinen, a legendary smith as a task set by Louhi in return for her daughter's hand. Sampo was a magical artifact of inderterminate type that brought good fortune to its holder. When the Sampo was stolen, it is said that Ilmarinen's homeland fell upon hard times and sent an expedition to retrieve it, but in the ensuing battle it was smashed and lost at sea.

Some Sami drum symbols. [Drawings of Saami symbology used on ritual drums & possibly in prehistoric rock art in northern Eurasia. Esoteric Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Shaman Symbols, Viking Symbols, Egyptian Symbols, Viking Runes, Native American Symbols, African Symbols, Native Symbols

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The Leshy is a male woodland spirit in Slavic folklore who protects wild animals and forests. However, Leshies are tricksters. If a Leshy kidnaps someone, that person returns home with a vague manner, feeling disoriented, and often covered in moss. Mythological Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Woodland Creatures, Folklore, Eslava, Legends And Myths, Nature Spirits, Norse Mythology

Leshy- Slavic myth: a shapeshifting woodland spirit. He has white skin with blue blood. He has horns, a beard of vines and a tail. He either has hooves or shoes on opposite feet. He carries a club to show his authority. He is mischievous but not evil. He often makes pacts with cowherds. His companions are the gray wolf and the bear.

Shaman´s drum symbols in Scandinavia Tiermes or Horagalles, god of the thunder… Esoteric Symbols, Shaman Symbols, Ancient Symbols, Ancient Art, Lappland, Drum Drawing, Cave Drawings, Art Premier, Art Nouveau

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God of thunder - Horagallis, in sámi art

 In Sámi mythology, the first akka was Maderakka and h… Ancient Symbols, Ancient Art, Ancient Tattoo, Drum Tattoo, Lappland, Thinking Day, Indigenous Art, Museum, Glyphs

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Karelian-Finnish epic Kalevala. Illustrator Nikolai Kochergin. Russian Mythology, Norse Mythology, Art Story, Fairytale Art, High Fantasy, Contemporary Artists, Vikings, Folk Art, Fairy Tales

Kalevala. Illustrator Nikolai Kochergin.

Karelian-Finnish epic Kalevala. Illustrator Nikolai Kochergin.

The battle between Kalevala and Pohjola - Igor Baranov, 2013 × : ArtPorn - Tattoo MAG Finnish Tattoo, Arabian Art, Fairytale Art, Arte Horror, Painting Techniques, Graphic Prints, Graphic Illustration, Mythology, Illustrators

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The Defense of the Sampo (Sammon puolustus) is a 1896 Romantic nationalist painting by Finnish painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The painting illustrates a passage from the Kalevala, the Finnish national epic compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the century. Runes Futhark, Goddess Of The Underworld, Gods And Goddesses, Held, Tempera, Mythical Creatures, Folklore, Pagan, Art Museum

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Akseli Gallen-Kallela: Sammon puolustus, 1896. This is part of national epic of Finland, Kalevala.