Finland / Most of all I am a Mother and a Wife. Just a few of my favorite things are music, traveling, shabby chic style, books.
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I find this to be true almost daily, things happen for a reason, let go of the illusion of control don't brave for impacts that may never come, just be.

I know know know it doesn't seem simple so often, but the leap to simple occurs in an instant. Byron Katie is so good at pointing to this shift.

If you realised how beautiful you are, you would fall at your own feet. - Byron Katie

This very special line of greeting cards inspired from The Work of Byron Katie. The card is blank inside, printed in the USA with recycled paper and soy-based ink.The card is created by Soulebrate.

Geluk ontstaat niet door veel te hebben, maar door aan weinig genoeg te hebben.

The perception you have of someone is a reflection of yourself. Those who are consciously guiding you will find ways for you to see your truth. It is up to you to acknowledge your truth by facing the mirror.