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Seattle Star front page, December 8, 1941. The Japanese leadership thought that the Pearl Harbor attack would strike such a decisive blow that the U.S. would concede the war.  The Japanese sank or damaged 188 aircraft, eight U.S. Navy battleships, three destroyers, three cruisers, and one minelayer. They killed 2,403, including 68 civilians, and wounded 1,178. The Japanese didn't count on the attack as a rallying point for Americans that motivated them to fight.

“It is the cause and not the death that makes the martyr.” On 7 December before many Americans were even awake, the Japanese Navy struck the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor with a.

An American war worker at Lockheed’s Burbank P-38 facility

An American war worker at Lockheed’s Burbank facility. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in the United States’ national war production—from aircraft, to tanks, to ammunition—found itself as high is

Once Upon A Time In War

Korean War Anniversary (AP) The war that began in Korea 60 years ago, on June a ghastly conflict that killed m.

The Allied High Command, February 1944. Once Upon A Time In War

I absolutely love photos that capture major world players in candid moments.

B17s bombing while in formation over Europe. Once Upon A Time In War

“This remarkable photograph, taken during the Boeing attack on the Ploieşti oil refineries in Rumania on 15 July shows bombs falling on the target from the formation flying above this