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Seattle Star front page, December 8, 1941. The Japanese leadership thought that the Pearl Harbor attack would strike such a decisive blow that the U.S. would concede the war.  The Japanese sank or damaged 188 aircraft, eight U.S. Navy battleships, three destroyers, three cruisers, and one minelayer. They killed 2,403, including 68 civilians, and wounded 1,178. The Japanese didn't count on the attack as a rallying point for Americans that motivated them to fight.

“It is the cause and not the death that makes the martyr.” On 7 December before many Americans were even awake, the Japanese Navy struck the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor with a.

“Sweet and Lovely”Boeing B-17F-115-BO Flying Fortress, Serial: 42-30721533rd Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force  After  27 combat missions with the 381st this plane was transfered to use for  radio-relay operations for the 65th Fighter Wing. The plane would orbit  over the English Channel and transfer radio messages to Air/Sea Rescue  from aircrews in trouble. The plane was painted in special recognition  markings, red and white stripes that were similar to those used for

Flying Fortress "Sweet and Lovely". An Air Force navigator on "Sweet and Lovely" tosses flight bag on truck after mission. makes reports.