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two small gnomes sitting on top of a wooden table next to a mushroom shaped object
MamaWestWind - Etsy
Fairy & Toadstool Tot friends Playset, gnome, Waldorf inspired toy, Spring/ Summer, pastel pink, lavender, green, white
a small white and pink gnome's hat sitting on the ground next to a tree
Rose blossom felt gnome Waldorf flower fairy elf nature play doll
Rose blossom felt gnome Waldorf flower fairy elf nature play doll: LOVE the rosebuds!!
some little figurines sitting on top of a blue shelf with red and white polka dots
three small stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a white surface with blue and white snowflakes
Rhythm of the Home
star children
four green and red flowers sitting on top of a plaid cloth
Splitcoaststampers : Card Making, Rubber Stamping & Paper Crafting
Leaf elves. Craft.
several little dolls are sitting in leaves on a wooden board with acorns attached to them
several colorful stuffed animals are on display in a glass case
These gorgeous gnomes take a lot of patience to make but the results are so so worthwhile. They are tiny and fit into the hand of my 2 year old so perfectly; More photos at
two hands holding small felted dolls in their palm
Benefit Auction for Four-month-old Maverick Vanderzwaag
Gnome Play sets apart of a 7 day Auction, benefits four-month-old Maverick Vanderzwaag who's undergone 13 operations. Funds raised will go towards the families' medical expenses.
small stuffed animals are in a basket with some chips on the table next to it
MamaWestWind - Etsy
12 Birthday Party Favors, Waldorf Tulip Babies, Upcycled Eco Birthday, Spring flower, Summer, Waldorf Gnome, lavender, pink, white, yellow