Half of a cable reel makes a great table too! -cut off bottom and install and hinged door on base for some hidden storage!

DIY Spool Console - I've never been crazy about the full spool look, but I AM kinda diggin' this half spool.


Scandinavian Sauna Culture

This Swedish bathing pavilion features rough-cut pine walls that are treated with tar, a preservative that yields a time-worn aesthetic. Photo by James Silverman. This originally appeared in Modern Wood Pavilion Joins Home.


Sauna anti-room: change clothes here, keep towels here, cool off here

Sauna on Lake Vermilion, MN.  Corten metal siding.  Richlite lined outdoor shower.   Built by owner Quinn Carmichael.

steel siding Sauna on Lake Vermilion, MN. Richlite lined outdoor shower. Built by owner Quinn Carmichael.

Black sauna- My shou sugi ban bathroom will have this look! plus the mercury glass wall :)

Saunas that I enjoy looking at. Beautiful saunas, saunas with interest. Saunas that I wish I had the pleasure to use.

Oh, I think the wife would be spending some time in the sauna!  #CDNGetaway

Saunas are a way of life here and there are three million in the country, almost as many as people! To get the full experience, try a sauna tour. You’ll be transported around on a bus that’s a moving sauna! We stopped at an ice sauna - built on [.