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a white male mannequin standing on a black background
Stylized Male, Hans Kristian Andersen
ArtStation - Stylized Male, Hans Kristian Andersen
an image of a man standing with his hands on his hips in front of him
He is Antasena, the mighty 3rd son of Werkudara and Dewi Urangayu. His extraordinary power rivals that of his younger cousin, Wisanggeni. Due to their overwhelming strength, both Antasena and Wisanggeni were prohibited from participating in the epic battle of Bratayudha. After successfully defeating Batari Durga and Batara Kala for trying to interfere Bratayudha, they chose the path of "moksa".
an image of a cartoon character that appears to be gato kagacya
Discover the fascinating character of Gatotkaca. As the second son of Werkudara, Gatotkaca defies traditional beauty standards, wearing a Topeng Waja (Steel Mask) to conceal his terrifying Rakshasa face and keeping his fangs hidden by maintaining a flat expression. His appearance challenges the notion that nobility is solely defined by looks, making him one of the most beloved and respected descendants of the Pandawas. Uncover the captivating story of Gatotkaca through my illustration.
Baladewa, Baladeva, Kakrasana, Wasi Jaladara, Balarama, Sangkarsana. Mataram, Agile Character Design, Myanmar Art, Fantasy Book Series, White Skin, Handsome Anime Guys, The Divine
Meet Baladeva, the divine champion armed with Nenggala, a scorching spearhead, and Alugara, an unstoppable mace. These relics prevent his Baratayudha participation. With fierce features and 'Bule' white skin, Baladewa is swift and agile. His speed eliminates the need for defense, landing strikes first. A master of strike range, he even repelled Werkudara and Abimanyu. Discover the saga of Baladewa, a divine force.
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Jannas Xiphias Triton Monk, Angelo Otero
ArtStation - Jannas Xiphias Triton Monk
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The AI Animation in traditional Indonesian attire 🇮🇩
an anime character holding two swords in her hands
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