Joonas Reinikainen

Joonas Reinikainen

Joonas Reinikainen
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4-ingredient, low-calorie, Greek yogurt pancakes

Throw away the Bisquick (which has lots of trans fats, btw) Greek Yogurt Pancakes - only 4 ingredients, VERY EASY 2 MAKE! 4 Ingredients mixed together! 6 oz of your favorite Greek yogurt 1 egg scant cup flour 1 tsp baking soda

Coffee Milkshake ♥

coffee milkshake 1 cup cold-brewed coffee (see recipe below for instructions, or use strong brewed coffee that has been well chilled.) 4 giant scoops vanilla ice cream 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup plus extra for drizzling whipped cream

Lyla & Blu

I really liked this idea of having the walls of the coffee shop be the blackboard. However, Camino is a coffee shop with a wooden interior, so it wouldn't work for my brief, but it's definitely interesting. It's funky and different and eye catching.