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Tredje stora bilden av tapetern Lisa mörkblå

Lisa Wallpaper A charming botanical wallpaper featuring large scale flowers and plants including poppies, ferns and lupins printed in soft multi colours on a dark blue ground.

Sandberg tapeter, Emma Mörk grå

A flowering summer meadow with tall lupines and poppies flowing over the wallpaper. A deep grey-blue background which really makes the flowers in the pattern stand out.

Inredningshjälpen: Boråstapeter + Lexington

Emily for Lexington is inspired by a fragment of old Cretonne-patterned wallpaper found in a New England archive. Bold tree patterns with birds like these were popular in the USA in the late

Mårdgömma 1470 - Wonderland - Boråstapeter

MÅRDGÖMMA With nature as a backdrop you might just catch a glimpse of their silhouettes. The wild animals of the forest hiding quietly behind a camouflage of stars. Small becomes bigger and the monstrous gets new, smaller dimensions.