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a book cover for reppu ressule with an image of a bear in the woods
Tulostettavat materiaalit - Lasten Keskus
Geschichten im Glas mit gratis Vorlage zum Downloaden | Basteln für Kinder
a cartoon penguin holding a magnifying glass and looking at it's reflection
See The Good! (fi) Vahvuuspedagogiikka - Positiivisen oppimisen edistäminen
there are many different signs on the wall
Anssi-open blogi: Vahvuusopetuksesta
an advertisement for the children's play area
Koulun pihamaalaukset - Suomen lastenkulttuurikeskusten liitto
Koulun toiminnalliset pihamaalaukset.
a mushroom house is surrounded by autumn leaves and other decorations on the table in front of a window
seasontable autumn
the words how to make a tiaanama written in white on a black background
How to make a triarama
How to make a triarama
pencils in a cup with the title how to use pencil management solution
Putting an End to Pencil Problems in the Classroom
Tired of constantly replacing your students' missing pencils? This pencil management strategy is going to turn your classroom around!
the snakes and ladders game is shown with numbers on it, as well as an image
Printable Snakes and Ladders
Use a die and any game pieces you like for this printable board game of snakes and ladders, similar to chutes and ladders. If you land on the bottom of a ladder, go up, but if you land on the head of a snake, go down to the tail. Free to download and print
four squares with different shapes and lines on them, each showing the same number of dots
Kids don’t know what to draw? Have them finish the picture
Kids don’t know what to draw? Have them finish the picture
the children's book is written in russian and english
Etusivu - Neuvokasperhe
Minä osaan -sivuja lapsille | Neuvokas perhe
a person holding up a paper with numbers on it