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a large crystal tree on top of a wooden table next to some leaves and branches
Quartz Crystal Lamps - Foter
Quartz Crystal Lamp - Foter
an illuminated tree trunk with mushrooms on it
Foncombe by lumycelium on DeviantArt
Foncombe by lumycelium
a purple tree sitting on top of a table next to a window sill with flowers in it
Деревья из бисер На заказ Рада Рай
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an orange bonsai tree sitting on top of a window sill next to a window
ფოტოსურათები საზოგადოების კედელზე | VK
purple flowers are growing in a vase on a window sill
Деревья из бисера. Нереальная красота. | Интересный контент в группе УЮТНЫЕ ИДЕИ!
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a bonsai tree with pink flowers in a white bowl on a table next to rocks
Нужен совет - NeadAdvice
Бонсай из бисера философия и стили деревьев бонсай
a stained glass window with a tree in the center and colorful sky behind it,
Stained Glass Sunset Tree - Sculpted Solder | Cain Architectural Art Glass
Stained Glass Sunset Tree Window with Sculpted Solder - Using our sculpted soldering technique, we build the tree up to be three dimensional, creating bark texture, weaving branches in and out, doing our best to capture a bare winter tree. The spectacular glass allowed us to capture that sparkle that a late sunset can create, and helped bring this project together. See more @ WWW.waynecain.com
a lamp that is sitting on top of a marble base and has three lamps hanging from it
В стиле Art Nouveau - Ар Нуво (Модерн) \2\
Gustav Gurschner (1973-1071) Art Noveau Table Lamp
a necklace with a tree on it and the words lepidus plasmatia written
rwrightstudios - Etsy Ireland
a glowing jellyfish in a dark room
Hot Island Glass, Maui Blue Glass jellyfish sculpture
a lamp that is sitting on top of a doily next to a computer mouse
Enchanted Lily Lamp
a light that is on the wall next to a skull head glass lamp fixture and wood planks
Skull Sconces
Skull Sconces: Would you believe this wall sconce was made from a skull-shaped vodka bottle? Follow normal DIY sconce instructions but swap in a skull glass for a spooky spin.
a metal tree with blue glass beads and a white stone in the center on a gray surface
Silver and Light Blue Tree of Life pendant by craftymama on DeviantArt
Silver and Light Blue Tree of Life pendant by craftymama on deviantART
a poster with the words peace in front of a tree and moon on top of it
In the Moment
Blended is what we do.... When we gather.. Sharing space in this common world... We call home.... Seeing all with different eyes...... Illusions they are... So it seems... Only will the truth show....