I love paper cut illustrations. This one is beautiful. I'm guessing that this is elsa mora... but I haven't checked the link.

lesson idea - low relief paper-cut silhouette self-portrait - image: Elsa Mora Paper Art - reminds me of a double exposure in photography

 Picasso painting. l - Olga in an armchair

Pablo Picasso Portrait d’Olga dans un fauteuil (Portrait of Olga in an Armchair) Oil on canvas. 1918 Musée National Picasso, Paris - Pablo Picasso's Masterpieces shine in exhibit at de Young Museum - by Lyrica Glory and Michael Cuffe - Warholian

Dane Lovett

These paintings by Melbourne artist Dane Lovett remind me of how the music we love becomes the soundtrack to our lives.

Ghost patrol

Ghostpatrol - from Melbourne, Australia - an evocative multi-faceted artist.

twoOne and Rone Collingwood

twoOne and Rone Collingwood