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two young boys are playing with a green broom in front of a blackboard that says,
Letters meppen! Spelenderwijs de klanken oefenen.
two pictures with different numbers on them and one has an addition to the number line
Learn With Miss W
Understanding addition through lots of activities and resources. Maths is fun!
a blue clock with pink tape on the face and words learning clock written across it
Learning Clock For Kids – Happiness is Crafting!
fingerprint counting with free printables for toddlers to practice counting and number recognition
Fingerprint%2520Counting%2520Activities%255B4%255D.jpg (image)
a basket filled with lots of colorful pencils on top of a wooden table next to numbers
Numbers & Counting Activity
How many? What color? What number? You can answer all these and more with this colorful counting activity for your little ones. (via learning4kids)
some bottles with numbers and balls in them
Activité Montessori
a close up of a clock on a tile floor with numbers and bugs around it
Kärpäslätkäpeli kymmenylityksen harjoitteluun. Ope tai joku oppilas sanoo yhteenlaskuja, joiden vastaus löytyy "ötököistä". Oppilasparilla on kädessään kärpäslätkä. Nopeammin oikeaa ötökkää lyönyt oppilas saa itselleen pisteen. Pelipisteitä kannattaa olla useampi, jotta useampi pääsee pelaamaan samaan aikaan. Samalla idealla voi harjoitella muitakin laskuja.