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an abstract painting with white and blue colors
cliff briggie
an aerial view of the inside of a building with plants growing out of it's windows
Texture and Pattern in Nature
an orange and blue wall with peeling paint
* #graffiti #detail #texture #deterioration #wabisabi
an old bathroom with peeling paint on the walls and a sink in the foreground
Brandiwork - tractorgirl -
over time
peeling paint on the bark of a tree
an old wall that has been torn down and is covered with newspaper clippings
Torn Posters On Old Wall Signs Stock Photo 22217236 | Shutterstock
Torn posters on old wall, signs of graffiti, vandalism and urban decay by Tupungato, via Shutterstock
an old building that has been painted red and yellow
A wall in decay by RicardMN Photography
A Wall In Decay. By RicardMN Photography
a painted horse head sitting on top of a fire hydrant
..focus..damn it!
Hitching Post - Royal Street, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana (by Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco))
an old rusted out truck sitting in the woods
Layers of weathered paint
an image of wood that has been painted yellow and brown with some paint on it
by Michael Chase #texture
the color scheme is green, yellow and brown
texture at the edge of the champagne pool
an old wall with peeling paint on it
how could I resist?
an old rusted metal surface with blue and yellow paint
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