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some black and white images are shown with the same color scheme as well as different colors
Black Gray White Hex Codes Aesthetic Wall Collage
three circles are floating in the air over a wooden walkway surrounded by trees and bushes
Color Palette - Moody Green
an image of a river with trees in the background and three circles above it that are floating
an overhead view of trees with four circles in the middle and one circle above them
Color Palette
a forest with fog and trees in the background, some circles are arranged on top of each other
color palette
the different shades of paint brush in each color, from dark to light green and brown
My Favorite Green Paint Colors - Room for Tuesday
the color palette for dark academy
Get the Dark Academia Aesthetic with This Moody Color Palette (12 Fave Colors!) - Mod & Mood
the color palette is used to create an image with flowers and leaves in it, as well as other colors
Withered Color Palette
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