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Waterkolor komiks

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Loïc Locatelli Kournwsky - Pocahontas

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comics — Mabel Ye


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Stacey Thomas - comics
Stacey Thomas - comics

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Scenes from an Impending Marriage: Tomine, Adrian: 9781770460348: Books
Bruce, Megan Nicole Dong
Bruce, Megan Nicole Dong

oh yeees yis yis ha ah yes

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My Stupid Life by Mitch Clem – Silver Sprocket
Desert Baby | Emmanuel Guerrero
Desert Baby | Emmanuel Guerrero

zeen seen

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Why you should credit your illustrator
Why you should credit your illustrator
How I Got a Picture Book Deal! — anoosha syed


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the cover to neighborhood stories, featuring two young men looking at something in their hands
Neighborhood Stories Minimalist Anime Poster
Animation, Drama, Satoshi Kon, Manhwa Manga, Anime Reccomendations
the polar bear cafe 2012 poster is shown
the poster for to your eternity, featuring an image of a man and a wolf
To Your Eternity
an advertisement for the great teacher onzuka
an advertisement for the golden boy
Golden Boy
anime movies that were ahead of its time in the 1990s and early'80s, ghost in the shell, perfect blue 1989, garden of words 2013
the poster for tokyo gopaathers, featuring two men with hats and scarves
Tokyo Godfathers by Yasemin Bali
The Other Side, The Others Movie, Series, Libros
The Girl From the Other Side: Siúil, a Rún
an image of a man playing guitar with the caption beck, mongolian chop squad
the movie poster for child of kanmari, featuring two girls and a dog
a poster for a movie with the title'a letter to momo 2012 '
A Letter to Momo
an advertisement for the movie on your mark, featuring a woman flying through the sky
Anime minimalist poster/cover
the poster for pupara, which features an anime character with long white hair