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there is a potted plant on the table with succulents in it
多肉植物寄せ植え | アトリエ華もみじ | ブリコラージュフラワー
there is a bucket with flowers in it
You Can Make These Adorable Easter Bouquets in Five Minutes Flat
three light bulbs filled with flowers hanging from a branch
Repurposed Home Decor
Repurposed Home Decor I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaking
two vases filled with lemon slices and white flowers
Lemon Centerpieces, Lemon Centerpieces for Weddings
Beautiful Lemon centerpiece ideas-perfect for summer decorating. I'm definitely gonna use this idea at summer parties!
an email page with candles in jars on the front and back pages, which are filled with
11 Beach Jar Ideas | Decorating with Glass Jars
Candle holders made from jars with sand. We have a storage full of jars, this would be a fun way to make them useful :)
a white paper lantern with blue flowers hanging from it's side and the words, lindo albacotti for guests
Not exactly my style, but so beautiful!