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three different pictures of plates and spoons on a table with paper napkins, paintbrushes, and scissors
Cover jar lids using tissue paper and mod podge. Finally a way to use recycled jars as gifts or in decoration :)
an old ladder is used as a planter for shoes and flowers in the garden
Easy Gardening and Landscaping Ideas
Now I can save even the shoes too broken to wear. My husband's gonna love this.. :D
four different pictures of the same wall hangings with circles on each side and circular mirrors above them
DIY PVC Festive Holiday Wreath
If we have some PVC pipes after the renovation, this could be a fun idea..
an old pallet is used as a shelf for pictures and other things to hang on the wall
Movies for the Weekend: Play the Film Game
pallet shelving
two vases with plants in them sitting on a table
So Lovely Creations
So Lovely Creations: craft ideas
an old movie reel with a bottle of wine in the middle on a white background
New idea for old film reel, wine rack; just fun!