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Tissue paper butterfly wings

These are a little messy to make but so much fun and the result is so pretty! Here& what you need: Wire - I used 20 gauge Tissue Paper.

How to make wire dragonflies

Add the rest of the beads for the body, for the second bead I like to use an oblong one to make it look like the first segment of a dragonfly. And I like to use metallic beads for the body. Tie a knot at the end, and wrap the excess wire around the knot.

mirk-report-1.jpg (700×681)

mirk-report-1.jpg (700×681)

wonders-within-your-head.jpg (736×839)

The wonders Within Your Head - This infographic provides a visual to show how the different parts of the brain function. The infographic illustrates the brains, nose and throat functions in Lamen's terms so that it is clear to the reader