Free First Day of School Activity:  Back to School Bingo ~ Back to School Activity

Need a first day of school icebreaker? "Find a Friend" Bingo is a great way to get students engaging with each other from the get go.

All about summer sheet that could be a brainstorming activity for writing (first week of school)

All About My Summer Poster: A Back to School Ice Breaker Activity (or could be all about a particular Social Studies or Science topic.

Glitter pencil name tags/cards ( 3 diff sizes) | Top Teacher - Innovative and creative early childhood curriculum resources for your classroom

3 different sized pencil name tage& 10 small sized per page pencils for name 5 medium sized per 2 large pencils per page.I like to use the big templates for my kid& baskets and

colorful doodle names for kids - craft idea

Doodle Names drawing activity for kids.Let's doodle.perfect activity while listen to read aloud stories on tape.

Naulakkomerkit / Mirka Koivusalo FB

Naulakkomerkit / Mirka Koivusalo FB