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Jenni Paakkolanvaara
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The 365-Day Happiness Challenge Guaranteed to Change Your Life

The most important thing in life, without a doubt, is to be happy. With that being said, don't overthink your happiness — remaining content is actually incredibly simple. We created a challenge that will make you more cheerful than you've ever bee

please do this.

i need this in my response to the person who posted the above comment there is a foundation called The Music Sanctuary trying to do exactly that,inspired by Halsey,spread the word!

And I think they tried to run past security a few times to meet fans

and they tried to run past security a few times to meet fans and one time they ordered food for fans outside of their hotel! a normal band huh?

Repin if u can read it

If you can read this you are a true directioner.<<o and if you walk away I know I'll fade cause there is nobody else it's gotta be YOOOOUUUU

Anytime, about anything, I am here for you. Comment on one of my pins, or send me a message, it doesn't matter. I will always be here for anyone! Don't hesitate to talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love venting. I love listening to people vent. It proves that all people have sucky days no matter how good there over all life is.