A whole site dedicated to organizing your classroom

A site dedicated to organizing a classroom. Written by an organized teacher. Helpful ideas and reminders for when I have my own classroom again.

I am Poem

"I am poem" One of my favorite activities to do with kids. **There is also a Poetry Unit and Some Awesome Info. On Student Led Conferences!

This should be in every classroom. LOVE it.

In This School Education Wall Decal

It's a lot like this to be a part of the JOURNEY. Beautiful quote for a classroom wall- would make an excellent gift for your student's teacher at the end of the school year.

How to make a homemade flashlight .... Good Science project!

How to make a homemade flashlight . 1 flashlight bulb (Standard – NOT threaded) 2 AA Batteries 1 Large cereal box to make the main body parts or long) 1 soda can for making the bulb holder and switch mechanism ----

first day of school.

Teacher Toolbox and a B2S Freebie!!!

Do this at the beginning of the year. Make a class book? Create●Teach●Share: Teacher Toolbox and a Freebie!