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Jenny Stenvall

Jenny Stenvall
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I'm sure I'll never NOT see it now.

I notice it every time I type Loki! lol《 *whispers* I will never look at a keyboard the same again

i would have given tom hiddleston cookies.... and plus, this dialogue is better than the original.... except the 'i am burdened with a glorious purpose' which reminds me of steve martin in 'the jerk' ... remember his 'special purpose?' lol

LOL Loki, you've been Stark'D. I thought it would be nice for Iron Man to get some revenge on Loki from the first 'MY POP-TARTS' ~ Loki, Thor, and Iron Man from the EPIC movie, The Avengers

Copenhagen, Denmark.

Another place I would live to visit would be Denmark. I have a lot of family in Denmark that I either have never met or have not seen in a long time. Going to Denmark would need to be a 3 week trip at least for me to see and do all I want to there.