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Kid art for Valentine's Day “I’m crazy in love with you” ( haren:door een rietje ecoline te blazen)

936698_10202789038354663_7003191882230888001_n.jpg (636×720) jaké byly prázdniny .)

Start of School year writing activity/diagnostic. Students draw themselves and draw what they did this summer in their glasses, then write a short paragraph explaining their summer vacation.

Tessellating Lizard Puzzel #TechShop #laser_cutter #wood

Link to Art: Esher. Link to Resistant materials: Woodwork. Could be done as a collaborative project where each pupil decorates a piece of the puzzle?

Royal Kings and Queens art project

Fairy Tale Kings and Queens Art Project

Deep Space Sparkle – Fairy Tale Kings and Queens Art Project Projeto de Artes: Reis e Rainhas