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Jesse Ikola
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This infographic exhibits pioneers in the field of programming, along with the history and current statistics of various programming languages. Also included are some random facts and algorithm diagrams to make the infographic more visually appealing

HOT Raspberry Pi DIY Mini Desktop PC Build

The Raspberry Pi single-board computer is a revolutionary product aimed at bringing affordable, low power and embedding computing to the masses, from

Apple's Macintosh arrived with great fanfare, but the computer that aimed to show why 1984 wouldn't be like '1984' barely made its debut. Here's the story of how it came to be.

proud of his company (quote) The Macintosh - the first to bear the name - turns 25 on 24 January. The machine debuted in 1984 and kicked off a product line that were Apple's flagship computers for many years. The Macintosh helped popularize the