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Ferret in bath Note: only use special ferret shampoo baby shampoo.. rinse thoroughly. Ferrets should only be bathed if very dirty such as if they get into something sticky. They keep themselves clean as cats do. When you bathe ferrets too often their skin will produce more oil which will increase their musky smell. A HEALTHY ferret, whose bedding and litter area is kept clean will not smell.

Funny pictures about Just a ferret in a bubble bath. Oh, and cool pics about Just a ferret in a bubble bath. Also, Just a ferret in a bubble bath photos.

cheeky ferret :P #fauna #animal

This is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen! I just want to adopt every animal on earth.

Nainen pelasti kissanpennun ja esitteli sen freteilleen – Katso, mitä siitä seurasi! * Tämä on yksi hellyyttävimmistä kuvakoosteista kautta aikain. Nainen otti hoiviinsa pienen kissanpennun. Hän jännitti kovasti, miten kotona asustavat fretit ottavat uuden tulokkaan vastaan. Mutta kuten tämä kuvasarja osoittaa, hän jännitti aivan turhaan. * Kissanpentu sai nimekseen Ned.

The Ferrets Think They're Kitties and the Kitty Thinks He's a Ferret (I once got to see a ferret roaming around on a large rug & a cat hunting & pouncing on the mobile lump.

I've always wanted a pet ferrets;)

"Crazy Cat Lady" Kits All Sold Out. Try new "Crazy Ferret Lady" Starter Kit?

Ferrets bathtime our ferrets love bath time (comment from previous pinner)