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Jessica Pellikka

Jessica Pellikka
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Cute pink elegance and playfulness. The strands are evenly distributed with alternating lengths, accentuating your natural lashes for a cute, flirty look.

Highlighting and contouring has been a popular topic in the beauty industry. From celebrities to YouTube stars, everyone seems to have tips and tricks for creating the perfectly highlighted and contoured face. Glo Skin Beauty has a perfect step-by-step guide on contouring and highlighting featuring our Senior Global Makeup Artist & Educator, Janeena Billera, with our Liquid Bright Concealer. Use this photo as a guide but before you start you will need to find the shades that work for your...

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plank on a swiss ball

Swiss Ball Plank with feet on bench, Swiss ball plank, Elevated feet plank And single leg elevated feet plank

You've discovered the best home workout plan that you can use to tone up and shape up fast. This workout schedule is only 10 days which is perfect to start

Yoga Fitness Flow - Looking for a home workout plan that is easy and clear? Use this one because its the best one and it works - Get Your Sexiest Body Ever! …Without crunches, cardio, or ever setting foot in a gym!