Jessika Carlsen

Jessika Carlsen

Jessika Carlsen
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Size Magazine (Turkey) | Feb 2012

A solid black woven fabric for the basis of the pants. Minus the shiny look, the fabric reduces friction while moving and highlights the black denim straps.

I just need some time to breathe and refocus..... I need some quite time for me. No calls no texts nothing just me.

It's so easy to forget to breathe sometimes. With everything happening at once, life can get very overwhelming. It is essential to take a step back, breathe and remember the One who holds your life in His hands.

Shannon McGrathMark 01 2012 From the series Darkness by Day Pigment print to cotton rag paper 100 x 128cm via

black painted wood / color inspiration / black and white / monochromatic / texture / pattern / nature / art /

#poler #polerstuff #campvibes

Texture & pattern: The Beauty of Blackberries! (If you want to grow gorgeous organic fruit like this, we have just the right organic fertilizer to do it - EarthPods available from our site)