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an open glass door with the words porte cochere place to drive cars under like at hotels
an archway leading to a house with flowers in the window boxes on it's roof
Landscape - Benjamin D. Bloom Photography
a house with lots of green plants growing on it's sides and an arch in the front
373 Taconic Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831 | Zillow
a car is parked in front of a white house with pillars and arches on both sides
Porte Cochere Cupola - Transitional - Garage
Gorgeous home features a porte cochere accented with a cupola filled with a vintage red jaguar.
a stone building with an arched entrance surrounded by greenery
A Greystone Crest Home With Serious Outdoor Appeal
Starry ceiling ✨⁠ Credit: 79185748 on Douyin⁠
Star night stretch ceiling with hidden light
Stretch ceiling with fiber optic stars installation process
the hallway is decorated with colorful rugs and art on the walls, as well as paintings
a staircase in an apartment with pink rugs on the floor and stairs leading up to it
Home and Away
a green rug on the floor next to a stair case in a white room with blue stairs
Gallery of Ballsbridge / Peter Legge Associates - 3
someone's feet are standing on the stairs covered in colorful rugs and carpet
Trish Anderson on Process, Design, and the Tufting Community