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a man sitting on top of a giant crystal ball in the air next to a tall building
Pintores de hoy (171): Jean Giraud "Moebius" (1938-2012).
a painting of a white bird flying in front of a castle
an image of a comic strip with two people in the middle and one person on the ground
Moebius fue un excepcional artista de cómic e ilustración - Cultura Inquieta
a black and white drawing of a man sitting on top of a box next to an octopus
an image of a large blue object in the middle of a room with other objects around it
a man sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a wooden floor
Guerra Creativa se ha convertido
a drawing of a man holding a lit candle in his hand and looking at it
a woman standing in front of a yellow moon
Sexual Sorceress 4 (1993) - Moebius (collector cards) - LastDodo
Comics, Kunst
Art of Jean Giraud (Moebius)
a drawing of a native american man sitting on the ground holding something in his hand