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Map of Karelia and page on it's history (which I haven't even really delved into. - Map of Karelia and page on it’s history (which I haven’t even really delved into myself) Best P - European History, World History, Lappland, Alternate History, Old Maps, Historical Maps, Planer, Wwii, Norway

When a Finn and a Russian say “Karelia” they often mean two different areas

 (The Russian Bear has always been chasing after The Finnish Maiden - Suomi Neito - as Finns call their country by the shape of it. History Of Finland, Finnish Words, Finland Travel, Map Pictures, The Beautiful Country, Prehistory, New Wallpaper, Historical Maps, Helsinki

Tracing Finland's eastern border - thisisFINLAND

We recount the tale of Finland's eastern border, which has been drawn and redrawn many times.

This is a political map of Europe in the during World War I. This map is sectioned by colors showing how the nations were separated by Central Powers, Neutral, and Triple Entente forces. European Map, European History, European Countries, History Class, World History, World War One, First World, Triple Entente, Geography

Maps: World War I

Europe: blank template Europe 1815 Hegemonies of Europe-1870 (note: he·gem·o·ny (noun)1. leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others, as in a confederation. 2. (esp. amo…