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an elephant is depicted on a black background with multicolored swirls and stars
SilentSirens by Ink and Clog Studio
an eye with different colors in it
an orange and yellow color scheme with different colors for the paint swatches on it
an image of some cupcakes on a table with color swatches and colors
an eye with blue and pink colors in the iris's eyes, which are all different
• Палитра ❀ Цветовые схемы •. Запись со стены.
A light background with 4 images of sparkling waters with a colour pulled from each photo and their corresponding hex codes for them listed beside. They vary from dark to light shades of blue. Colour, Color
Canva Colour Palette with Hex Codes | Canva Designs
a woman riding a bike down a street next to a tall brick building with lots of windows
an anime character with white hair and blue eyes is featured in the color scheme for pantone's paste tones
an iceberg with blue hues is shown in chinese