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Install this one in my dream house right now thank you // traditional media room by Jennifer Bevan Interiors


贅沢!面白い!カッコイイ!マニアが自宅に作った映画館 ホームシアター が凄すぎる! - 愛すべき道具達

Best Home Movie Theatres

If you have always dreamed of a customized, ultra high-tech, inviting and luxurious home theater, here is a treat for your eyes. There is a fine line between home theater and design marvel. We have seen some truly incredible home theater setups in.

Best Home Movie Theatres

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This is my movie room. It's where I binge watch romantic comedies on Netflix when Zeus isn't paying attention to me. I also love the movie Juno bc she used my Roman name. NOT the city in Alaska.

Make Friday nights extra special with this home theater. Kick back in a recliner and enjoy the show. Marble countertops ensure that you've got plenty of space for your mid-movie snacks!

In affluent Atherton, California, the Italian Villa-style spec home includes an outdoor kitchen with a wok burner, a whiskey bar and an theater

Large brown and black home theater viewing room with white trim and black leather reclining chairs

100 Awesome Home Theater and Media Room Ideas for 2018

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let's face it, I would probably never leave this room. Finally, this amazing family-sized home theater with star-gazing moon roof and big leather sofas!