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some paper plates with chickens on them sitting on a table
several colorful paper crowns sitting on top of a table
two rolls of twine wrapped in brown paper with eyes and noses
a pink heart shaped planter sitting on top of a metal table next to a brick wall
DIY Easter Bunnies — The Beach People Journal
Easter is just around the corner! Get your little ones ready for the festivities with this simple and fun DIY project. Make your very own Easter bunnies using just a few supplies that you’ve probably already got at home.
handprints made to look like chickens
40+ Easy and adorable Easter crafts for toddlers
Handprint Easter chicks from @spanishclass4peques
a child's handprint is shown with chickens and chicks in the foreground
Empreintes de mains : Maman poule et ses poussins
three handprinted easter eggs hanging from twine with grass and feathers on them
a piece of art that has been made to look like flowers