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Tornados - Faszinierend und Angsteinflößend.....

See a tornado or a water spout from a distance.

Fantastic Waterspout!

Twin Tornadoes - Oklahoma - Great shot with the double tornados and the 2 lightning strikes

Twin Tornados in Oklahoma

Rain over the ocean (original writing on pic) umm that looks like a tornado. weird cuz tornados can't go over the ocean. Weird right.

Waterspout in beautiful Colours!

Waterspouts are more frequent, but are still an unusual weather phenomena. A water spout is a funnel shaped cloud formed over a body of water.


People look at a waterspout close to the shoreline near Batemans Bay, about 140 miles south of Sydney, Australia on Nov. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology issued a gale warning and forecast rough seas for the coastal region that includes Batemans Bay.

People look at the waterspout near to the shoreline at Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

Tornado at Denver International Airport, Colorado, USA, June 18 2013

Tornado at Denver Intl Airport 61813

Tornado season is usually March through August, and right now we are in the midst of it. A massive 2 mile wide tornado ripped through the Oklahoma ci.

Tornado in beautiful Colours!