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Turkana girls under tree, Northwest Kenya, by Eric Lafforgue. African Tribes, African Women, African Art, Out Of Africa, East Africa, Nairobi, We Are The World, People Around The World, African Beauty

Turkana girls and tree - Kenya

The Turkana inhabit the arid territories of northern Kenya, on the boundary with Sudan. Nilotic-speaking people, they have for a long time stayed outside of the influence of the main foreign trends. Nomad shepherds adapted to a almost totally desert area, some also fish in the Turkana lake. They are divided in 28 clans. Each one of them is associated with a particular brand for its livestock, so that any Turkana can identify a relative in this way. The majority of the Turkana still follow…

-Sao Tome and Principe. African Tribes, African Women, African Art, Mother And Father, Mother And Child, Black Mother, Afro, African Colors, Asian Kids

São Tomé and Príncipe people - Page 3

http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af18/oditous2/Africa/LocationSaoTomeAndPrincipe.jpg http://i989.photobucket.com/albums/af18/oditous2/Africa/800px-Gulf_of_Guinea_28English29.jpg

Ofra Haza - You (Bronwyn, you should watch this! Ofra Haza is the queen of middle eastern vocalization! Music Songs, My Music, Music Videos, Ofra Haza, Two Steps From Hell, Dramas, Richard Wagner, Copyright Act, Italo Disco

Ofra Haza - You

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Gorilla Bahgira nurses her baby Kajolu in their ape house at the zoo in Munich, southern Germany. Cute Baby Animals, Animals And Pets, Funny Animals, Primates, Mammals, Cute Donkey, Silverback Gorilla, Baby Gorillas, Mountain Gorilla

Photos: baby animals from around the world

Photos of baby animals from around the world -- Some in the wild. Some in Captivity. Some exotic. Some common.