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several pieces of paper cut out to look like silhouettes of elephants and giraffes
African animals sunset banner. Made with supplies from Michaels craft store.
an easter egg hunt for kids to color and draw with their own hands on the page
How to make an easy Easter postcard
How to make an easy Easter postcard Going to use this for foreground, middle ground and background!
a colorful fish made out of small squares
Foam Mosaic Art
Craft Ideas for all: Foam Mosaic Art
an art project with many different colored monsters
Monsters in complementary colors
Monsters in complementary colors
four paintings of deer in the night sky
Silhouetted Deer and Trees with Aurora
four paintings with different colors on them sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
4th grade Aurora Borealis landscapes
a painting of a deer standing in the middle of a forest
Northern Lights