Cup Challenge - groups work together to stack cups in a pyramid using string and a rubber band.

Collaboration Activity (good for mentor time) from: In the middle: Life as a seventh grade language arts teacher. The Cup Challenge - teach students how to work in cooperative groups with this simple and fun challenge.

Marker is attached to 8 strings, and the group has to write out a word by working together and only holding onto the last foot foot of each string.

Team-building: marker attached to 8 strings; group has to write word working together and only holding onto the last of each string

Vesivärilätäkkö; vesiväri puhalletaan pillillä eri suuntiin ja sen kuivuttua…

Rain puddles painting (paint and straw to blow) Make splash rain puddles For spring summer rainy day craft idea

Hula Hoop Team Building Activity. They had to move the hula hoop around in a circle until the marker was back where it started.

10+ Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids

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