How to paint letters perfectly... Why didn't I think of that!?

How to Paint perfect letters:on Wood! Print out letters and put on the object to be painted. Use a ballpoint pen to trace outline of letters (pressure of the pen creates a slight indent in the wood). Paint inside the indent!

refrigerator tin storage - how cute!

DIY - Refrigerator tin storage from old spice containers. Use magnets - stick to kitchen wall?

cardboard tubes

Cardboard tube cats -- great start for making a paper mache cat art piece. I would also add a bit of shaping over the eyes to give it a more cat-like appearance.

Make your own buttons from polymer clay. A nine-hole button can be stitched with any letter of the alphabet.

9 Hole Buttons - DIY: With a 9 hole button, you can embroider any letter you want. Idea: make buttons out of polymer clay.

The hearts & flowers aren't really my thing, but you could do all sorts of shapes and colours.

Valentines Day garland rustic wedding romantic wedding Valentine photo props RED ROSES Paper garland wedding garland red garland USD) by LaMiaCasa

More toilet paper tube art!

toilet-paper-rolls-Christmas-decorations - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

Functional Forks from BHG | Mismatched forks -- hung with self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener dots -- create an interesting wall display for the office, holding important business cards, receipts, and other notes

Smart Home Office Designs

Looking for something to use in the kitchen to hold your recipe cards while cooking? I took a fork, bent the tines and made a recipe card holder. From 'When the dinner bell Rings'

so cute!

because fox. DIY fox in the pocket hoodie, idea by elisehooperdesigns at Etsy

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That& why today, we selected a collection of DIY Creative Clothespin Crafts That Will Impress You. There are many cool ideas that you may copy.