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Dandelion laatta

Dandelion - stonegrey - Collection 2012 - Marrakech Design is a

Asuntomessuilla 2014, marokkolaiset laatat

Asuntomessuilla 2014, marokkolaiset laatat

Marrakech Design Dandelion

Dandelion - white/almost black - Collection 2012 - Marrakech

marokkolaiset laatat - Pihalle

Little loo + the house entrance Sementtilaatta, kuvioitu

Cement tile | Zahara | Grey

Cement tile | Zahara | Grey

Moroccan cement tiles also know as encaustic tiles are naturally insulating, helping to keep surfaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And of course, they’re absolutely beautiful!

Bow C laatta

Bow C - pebble/white - Collection 2012 - Marrakech Design is a